Subtropical Taiwan Suddenly Boasts Two World-Renowned Brands Of Whiskey

I liked both Omars- the bourbon and the sherry cask.

Kavalan Concertmaster seemed pretty ordinary. Would like to try it again though and any others from their range. Most seem absurdly priced.

I didn’t take to the concertmaster either. The soloist is nice. But for the price range of the classic compared to other whiskeys at that price like Johnny walker 15. I think the classic does hold its own worth.

1- its ‘whisky’ (and this is non-negotiable).

2- Kavalan is overrated…gasp!..What???how dare you???

Its fluff, uninteresting and forgettable whose only positive is smoothness. Scottish people should be insulted.

Now doing gin.

The Kavalans I’ve tried have been good, but very pricey. For 3k a bottle I’m going to get a superior Scotch.

Having said that, I’m no whisky expert.

Omar, great whisky, great name. Also my favourite character from ‘The Wire’.

What are you on about. It says whisky right on the bottle. It doesn’t claim to be anything else. They never claimed to be scotch, in fact they hold no reservations about being a Taiwanese whisky.

I’ve drank worse scotch. It doesn’t mean a thing, the same way many champagnes are garbage.

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Japanese whisky is in short supply. India aim to be the next big whisky suppliers.

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No thanks. You can’t even drink the water without dying there. What water supply are they using to make it?

Just seen it on the tube

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Ganges river water.

Very interested in the whisky from India. They carry Amrut at the place I used to shop in Hualien but it was a bit pricey. If I was dropping NT$2-3k on a bottle I’d chose it before the Kavalan for sure.