Such a Convoluted

1st phase of fifth round of six-party talks to last three days

I don

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[quote]You remember the Korean war?

Hats off. [/quote]

Uh…I said…

[quote=“OutofChaos”][b]I don

Hats off, a toff of the cap, all marks of respect.


Remembering at my age, and having it noticed, is even more of a respectful sign. Much appreciated.


Well it may be this morning’s algorythms but might I also say how much I admire your avatar. Quite a fan and very stupidly didn’t collect the full works while I was in Taiwan.



I’m awaiting receipt of Vol. 7 Part 2 this week, then I’ll have all 23 released books on my shelf. I started with the Taiwan photocopies back in 1972 and since then replaced them all with Cambridge editions. A masterful set and one of the definitive works on China. Having them in the house went a long way toward igniting interest in China’s history in my son. It was a sad day when Needham passed away.


[quote=“OutofChaos”][quote=“OutofChaos”][b]I don