Suction Curettage in Taipei?

Ni Hao:)

I have a big problem: hyperhidrosis. It’s not only since I’m in Taiwan. If I’m going out, meeting with friends or just sit at home - I’m sweeting all the time under my armpits. By now I only wear black clothes all the time cos otherwise I just have massive sweat stains under my armpit. All my shirts already have some kind of sweat patches, it’s really depressing :frowning:
But I heard there is a new technique for combating hyperhidrosis. Its called suction curettage. They just scratch/suck out the sweat glands from ur armpits. Do u know if there are any hospitals in Taipei, which offer Suction Curettage especially since it’s a relative new technique? Or which hospital do u recommend especially for foreigners? I only came here like 1 month ago so my chinese isnt good enough to ask for some medical procedures.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Umm, give yourself more time to adjust. You can also use botox injections to stop sweating but, I think the body is sweating for a reason and its ok you know. I sweat a lot and I don’t really care, just make sure I drink enough water etc… Hope that helps.

remove the hair under your arms and don’t worry, you are here just a month, the weather is different and it’s really hot sometimes. It’s getting colder now, so maybe its getting better?

It’s not because of the weather I think. Cos even when im sitting in my appartment and its only 23°C I’m still sweating. I had this problem in Europe as well and I already thought about getting the operation in europe, but there it was about 1200€. So I thought it might be practical if I get the surgery when I’m here. :s

So can anybody recommend any hospital for surgergies where they speak english? :confused:

Nearly all doctors speak good english, so no worries there.

Hospitals I recommend ( i don’t have any knowledge of your issue though)

The Adventist Hospital on Bade Rd -

Taipei Medical University Hospital -