Sudden problem with Low Blood Pressure

I’m wondering if anyone has had similar problems. If you have, please share your experience. Thanks.

I moved to Taiwan from Europe 3 months ago.
Almost right away I started noticing some changes in my health. I was sleeping poorly, always tired, sometimes dizzy, fell down the stairs a couple of times, groggy at work, needing a lots of coffee, napping at lunch break, lack of concentration… just never really quite myself.

I was clueless, until a couple of days ago when they measured my blood pressure at the gym. I’ve always, I mean always, had ideal blood pressure of 110-120/70-80. Now it’s 90/55 !

Has anyone experienced something similar? This kind of drastic change in their blood pressure after moving here? Is this typical due to the change of climate? Do you know what I could do to bring it back to normal again?

Anything that might help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Before you say it, I cannot increase exercise, I already have a very high fitness level and exercise 5 days a week, so that’s not the cause. The only significant change in my life have been the diet and the stress related to moving, settling in. And, of course, the climate.

I happened to be at the hospital for something else awhile ago and one of the nurses approached me and said “Are you alright?” I’m hardly ever really alright I don’t think but I never tell anyone that so I probably said I was OK. Anyway next thing she sits me down and takes my blood presure. Apparently she was startled by the results because she then takes me directly to the neurologist. My blood presure was down around zero I guess. Basically what it came down to was that I was a nervous wreck and they gave me ativan and another drug whose name and function I don’t recall actually but that seemed to work pretty well. This was all a couple of years ago and I am still on ativan but a very small dose. My blood presure is normal.

My blood pressure has always been around 85-100/50-65. Occasionally I get error-messages from the automatic blood pressure measuring machines. Nevertheless, I’ve only fainted twice in my life and the reasons for falling down the stairs have been completely different from yours. :slight_smile:

Things that help: exercising, coffee, coca cola, eating on a regular basis, cold showers and air conditioners. I do believe the heat and humidity can cause low blood pressure - at least it seems to make mine even lower - I kinda like this dizzy half-concsious feeling actually.

But you should really see a doc. It is possible to live with a low blood pressure but a sudden change (in anything) is usually a bad sign.

Yes, I have also experienced a drastic change in my blood pressure after moving to Taiwan.

Diovan-HTC has always kept my blood pressure at normal levels, but once I came to Taiwan my bp sky rocketed. It has come down since then, but is still higher than it should be.

My doctor back home, with whom I keep in contact, says it’s because I’m not used to the extreme heat and humidity.

My bp has only been taken at a local hospital and, quite frankly, their equipment seems unreliable. They take my bp on one machine and get two completely different readings (I mean they’re not even close), and then do it on another machine and get a completely different reading again.

This is a hospital whose scale says I weigh 78.9kg when in fact I weigh 106kg. :loco:

Does anyone know where I can buy a bp monitor?

You should have come with me on my last trip to Indonesia. Between the heat stroke and the viral infection I was absolutely transcendant.

Yeah, the equipment may be faulty or the operator may not be very skilled. I always question far out numbers when I get a BP reading that is extreme. If, however, your BP is consistently low, then that’s different. If it’s low and you have no symptoms, don’t worry about it.

If you have symptoms, they are usually lightheadedness and/or syncope (passing out). If BP is too low then the brain becomes oxygen deprived and you feel lightheaded and/or pass out. This is can be due to an abnormally low heart rate (bradycardia) or other heart-related conditions. Other reasons for low BP: you’re bleeding (usually in the GI tract), medication side effects, dehydration, shock, anaphylaxis, advanced diabetes.

See: … n%20Causes

The only connection I see with the limited info I have from you, is that you may be dehydrated due to the hot and humid weather in Taiwan as opposed to a more moderate climate in your native country.


These symptoms don’t sound like they’re necessarily related to low BP. It would be a good idea to see someone - doctor. Get a good history and physical done, along with some basic lab tests (like a complete blood count at least to rule out anemia, basic chemistry to check your blood sugar, electrolytes, and a urinalysis).


I’d be going there first. Get a couple of readings on each arm if its an automatic machine then look for a real life competent nurse with sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.

Thanks for good advice and sharing your experience, everyone!

I will definitely see a doctor and have a check up.

Can you recommend a (reasonably)English-speaking doctor/hospital in Taipei City?



PS Notsu, if you want to help me follow your advice on coffee, you better hurry up coming to Taipei :slight_smile:

look for a real life competent nurse with sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.[/quote]

In Taiwan? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :unamused:

Here the machine is God. Whatever it says is accepted without question (see comment in previous post about my weight).

Here is quite a good site with some general info

Some of the things on your list of ‘symptoms’ are not usually linked to low blood pressure. So I think it would be sensible to get a DR to check you out.

I always go to Simon Chan at the Priority Care unit at the Aventist hospital. He trained in America (UCLA) and speaks perfect English. His number 2776 2654.

Anyway Good luck finding a solution.

Thanks ‘friend’,

I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Chan already. His assistant also speaks English.

For anyone out there who might follow up on this recommendation as well, just to let you know that this particular doctor is not covered by the NHI. Registration fee is 920$ and any subsequent testing, etc. will be charged as well. You can pay credit card or cash, I’m told.

If anyone’s looking for a doctor and is interested in my experience withthis one, you can PM me. I’ll see him Sunday, July 3rd.