Suddenly all my apps are using my camera in the background

Facebook is using your camera in the background…
Line is using…
Messanger is using…
Even chrome is using…
These are the message I get on the notification bar that pops up on my screen. It allows me to tap to get to the camera’s permission setting. Even if disabled, the message pops up with the camera already enabled. In theory and in the past, the denied app would ask permission to enable the camera.
This seemed to start happening after my latest xiaomi update



that’s why having a smartphone with periscope-cam for selfies won’t do that, at least toward your face

More info on smartphones with "built in periscope cams please. as far as no Periscope is just a streaming service that can run under every phone.
In the meantime I found this about the camera problem.

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Oppo and Vivo have had models for nearly 2 years.
full smartphone screen, instead of that notch area where selfie cam lens are, like for nearly all other smartphones

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