Anyone on here play Sudoku? Looks quite addictive.

Just saw a brief item on the telly, Googled it, and found that it’s phenomenally popular worldwide…

…and I first heard of it today. :astonished:

I’ve been doing Sudoku ever since I first came to Taiwan. It’s a lot of fun, but then I like solving complex mathematical equations in my head. :loco:

I am SOOOOOO addicted. I do it in the Taipei Times every day and also have a couple of books lying around, which I regularly do. It’s especially great when on a flight…makes the time pass really quickly. You can get a variety of Sudoku game books at Cave’s. Great fun!

A couple of sites for you all; I spend quite a bit of time at the first one. :blush:

Was back in Holland a few weeks ago and saw Sudoku for the first time… in every news paper or magazine, daily or weekly, you’ll find at least one… I didn’t have a clue what it was until I saw many people doing them and I got interested… bought a Sudoku puzzle book at the airport b4 flying back and then found my flight too short…

I was really into Sudoku last year, but I got a bit bored with it after several months.

I was recently in HK and picked up some puzzle books at a English-language bookstore. One that I particularly like is called Kakuro. It’s sort of like a cross between sudoku and a crossword puzzle. I’m not sure if they’d have them in Page One, but you should pick a copy if you see one.

Whilst Sudoku can be fun and engages the brain, it only really involves about 6 strategies to solve even the toughest puzzle. I enjoy them, but prefer a good crossword, or logic puzzle. I get my mum to send me puzzle books once a month. Good for scratching the old noodle.

I don’t do suckado, but once when I was real bored, I tried to figure out how many possible ways there were to fill out the suckado square. I never did get the answer.

That’s easy. It’s 26 gazillion. I counted.

My little sister got me a thick sudoku book for Christmas because she knows I love logic puzzles. I screwed up the first few and then figured it out and have been working on them since. I like to do them right before I go to bed and then when I get stuck I put it down, go to sleep, and usually when I wake up I can finish the rest of the puzzle. I still haven’t finished the book which includes circular sudoku (got the first few, screwed up a harder one and gave up) and 16x16 sudoku (I got dizzy just trying to work out a few of the boxes and had to give up). I got a sudoku CD-ROM to do some puzzles on although it only has 9x9 sudoku on it. I like the variations on the 9x9 like a 6x6 sudoku with differently-shaped boxes or a 4x6 sudoku. I can work out the smaller ones without even thinking about it. Which reminds me, TomHill, what are the six strategies for solving sudoku? I’ve never read up about the puzzles…I just started doing them cold turkey.

Nevermind. I googled “sudoku strategies” and it turns out that I’ve been doing all those this whole time but had different names for them like the “dilemma”, the “trilemma”, the “chain reaction”, and the “no shit, Sherlock”. I think I like my names better. :stinkyface: