Sugar Gliders - Food, Vets

Hello everyone, I’ll be soon inheriting a couple of sugar gliders from a family who can’t care for them anymore (son is allergic).

I have a few questions from anyone who owns sugar gliders here:

  1. What do you feed them, and where do you buy it? I read about what to feed them online and there are a lot of conflicting opinions. If you make your own concoction, a list of ingredients in both English and Chinese would be extremely helpful, as I need to find all this stuff.

  2. Do you know a vet that can neuter a sugar glider? I’m planning on having the male one neutered as I’ve read it improves their behaviour, as well as their smell!

Any and all information is tremendously appreciated. I know these guys are exotic pets (i.e. the aren’t aren’t exactly hamsters) so I’m trying to learn as much as possible to care for them properly.

The only thing I know about them is that they are nocturnal. VERY nocturnal. They will be going berserk in their cage all night.

I hope you have the room for a big enough cage for them. They need their exercise.

Well, I guess I also know that they’re adorably cute and very sweet critters. :slight_smile:

Yeah they’re coming with a 3 foot high cage. I’m not sure if they have a wheel, but I found a “Wodent Wheel” (safe for sugar gliders) on ruten so I’ll buy that if I need to. I can put up with noise myself, as long as they’re not so loud they bother the neighbours it should be fine. They arrive tonight, I’m looking forward to it!

they’d be better off in a much bigger cage, maybe 10 ft long by 4-5 ft deep by 6 ft high, with many places to run along branches and even glide between ends of the cage. They’d be a bit stressed in such a small cage.

You are a deranged individual. :slight_smile: Have fun with the little beggars, they’re supposed to be really sweet.

urodacus -> I’ve been reading about Sugar Gliders now for many hours (up late last night and then again from early this morning), and every website I’ve seen recommends 18" deep x 30" wide x 36" high for 1-2 adult sugar gliders (of course if you have more, then you’ll need a bigger cage). I’ve also read that a really big cage isn’t good for young ones (these guys are still only a few months old) because they have a fear of falling. I’m not an expert, but on a topic where websites often give completely conflicting information, this is one subject where they all seem to be in agreement.

I may get a bigger cage for them in the future, assuming I can fit one into my small apartment, but right now I’m mainly concerned with find a vet that can neuter the male. The older he gets, the more aggressive he’ll be. And once a certain type of bad behaviour starts, it may not stop even after he’s neutered.

well, I’ve mostly seen them in the wild and they are very active, running all over the place and gliding 10s of meters. Most animals go nuts in confinement.

I have seen some in a zoo before, in Thailand and other places. The dimensions of their cages (for three or four animals) were what i described, and that still looked too small for them.

Of course if they’re young ones, that may be different . You didn’t say earlier.

on the internet, everyone’s an expert, so follow your gut.