Sugarfree or Low Carb Ice Cream?

I’m having withdrawals from not getting my weekly dose of low carb or sugar free ice cream. I looked in Jason’s in 101, but no luck…just the fatty/sugary Haagen Dazs. I also looked in CostCo. I’d bring it over from the US (like Velveeta) if only it didn’t melt!

You know that all that artificial sweetener will kill you quicker than the sugar and cream :wink:
Get an icecream maker and make your own…

Hey, you are probably right about the artificial sweetners.

Getting my own ice cream maker is a good idea. Know where to get an ice cream maker? Carre Four, RT-Mart??? Is it a seasonal appliance? I noticed that they took the fans off the shelves and replaced them with heater fans and radiators. :s

i know this thread is OLD and probably long-dead… but i just have to throw in a few words because i feel the original poster is looking for some nice treats that are sugar-free or low-carb, but then everyone goes off on a semi-rant about “pre-packaged chemical-filled foods” and “deadly artificial sweeteners” (which i will not argue with, EXCEPT for stevia, which is 100% plant-based and natural and has been used in east asia for DECADES if not longer)… but i eat low carb… VERY low carb… as in less than 50g of carbs per DAY… and some of the suggestions made by people who said to “avoid processed foods” were: canned tuna, jerky, etc… yes, i eat these things, too… but those are ALSO packaged, processed, and use chemicals… so i just wanna say BRAVO to those of you wanting to go low-carb here… it’s not as challenging as you might think, HOWEVER, i have also not found a suitable replacement for sweet treats… they DO appear to have a 0 calorie jello product here (i’ve even seen it at 7-11)… sadly, it isn’t very good… and if ANYONE sees sugar free ice cream ( i DO NOT CARE how high the fat-content is… only carbs/sugar) please let me know!! :wink: i do want to ask this: many tea shops (including my favorite, 50 lan) sell ice-cream coffee… now i KNOW the ice cream portion of this beverage has sugar… but truthfully, it doesn’t taste as sweet as it would if this were made in the states… does anyone know how much sugar/carbs are in the taiwan-style ice cream here?
have a beautiful day everyone! :slight_smile:

Actually, it is possible to make your own ice cream without ice cream maker(just that the texture will be abit frosty). I have the recipe though.
Can PM me for further details xD
CHEERS!! :slight_smile:

Please share that publicly, jay, for everyone’s benefit. I’m interested. :slight_smile:

BTW, for anyone interested in a machine, there is a thread here on that topic.
I used the pot freezer and freezer bag method.
As for the ingredients, if u guys wanna make chocolate flavoured ones, do not add sugar. I REPEAT, DO NOT ADD SUGAR!!!
replace sugar with quarter teaspoon of icing sugar so that the ice cream can be formed faster.
Replace milk with chocolate milk and do not add vanilla extract. They will basically screw everything up.
Finally, if u want it to be a bit bittery, add more chocolate powder, van houten chocolate powder will be the perfect choice.
Thats for the chocolate flavoured ones.
Still experimenting with coffee and strawberry and maybe durian in the near future.
Enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jay – I think I’ll try that bag method.

If you want to eat low carb then instead of eating a quart of ice cream you could eat a quart quart! :smiley: And from the good stuff! With sugar and cream!