Suggested online magazines?

I’m reaching the point where I can understand elementary texts fairly well without reaching for the dictionary every sentence. I’d now like to supplement my reading with some higher-level articles. I’m looking for an online analog to The New Yorker or Atlantic Monthly, but obviously not in English. Any recommendations? I’d prefer traditional, but simplified will do also.

I guess I could start trying to read the newspaper, but I enjoy reading longer essays.

Why not read some comic books? It’s usually a nice medium between more advanced reading and elementary texts. On top of that, you can actually understand what’s going on in the plot, and the pictures really help you reinforce any characters or words you may not know.

Articles might seem a bit too advanced for you, I know they are way too advanced for me. I’m just sticking to the comics for now, when I get a bit better I’ll start to read more complicated things, perhaps a novel.