Suggestion: allow suspended members access to PM's/PM'ing

I PM’ed this to Maoman a week or two ago, but today it became an issue yet again.

I suggest that suspended members be allowed to read and send PMs, since there are often activities being coordinated in private which get impacted by suddenly cutting off a main line of commmunications.

Someone got suspended, apparently because someone else has no sense of humor or proportion. Because he got suspended, he is unable to read my PM about plans we were trying to finalize for today.

In my own experience, arranging with another member to swap some CDs got blocked. The member has not logged in since I returned, and so he still doesn’t have his MacOS disk that he left in a drive he sold me, and I still don’t have the hardware-drivers disk that was supposed to go with the drive. This has been a problem since last December.

I do not know of specific PHPBB “hacks” to do this – there may well already be one, I’ve never delved into the available modifications – but it isn’t a complicated thing to write. Depending on how fancy, maybe two days. I would be willing to donate that effort if it will be used here, assuming there isn’t a ready-made one available.

Allowing sending of PMs would of course not be suitable in all cases. This would have to be part of the programming, but again, it’s straightforward.

waits for the inevitable sneering comments of “well if it’s so important you should have other contact details for them,” despite this being a reasonable idea

MaPoSquid: We don’t have software in place for that. Also, considering your experience with banned members sending you unwelcome PMs, don’t you think that this is a little ironic? I wouldn’t want to have to decide on a case-by-case basis either - too much work. It’s easier this way. And it keeps the playing field level. If you ever need contact info with a banned/suspended member desperately, you could always contact me. I would be willing to act as a go-between in those few and far between cases.

Surely, if someone is close enough to be your friend, then you’d have their contact details outside of forumosa ie, telephone number and email addy, right? Same scenario as if forumosa goes down for a week. There you go tetsuo :wink:

How about a sneer of “if it’s so important, you shouldn’t have posted a picture of a todger” ?
I guess someone can have all posting priveledges suspended instead of being banned, this would also leave another channel of communication open to the moderators. Whether it’s worth it is another matter, especially if you think they’re banned because the moderators “don’t have a sense of humour or perspective”

Who was banned now? edit: suspended
Did it have anything to do with the “Where’s my father” thread?
And just what the crap is a “todger”?

Actually, in this case, we do. But in the previous case, where we’d just had a small transaction via the for-sale forum, we didn’t, which is what I was mainly thinking about.

Maoman, I noticed the irony. :loco: OTOH, I am thinking in terms of a three-tier system, something on the order of say “suspended, frozen, banned”. Suspended – minor infraction of some sort, mods just want to spank the member, the two-week suspension kind of thing, member will be readmitted into society at some point and is allowed to continue to interact in private. Frozen – serious problem, likely to be banned, no PMing or anything. Banned – final decision has been made.

I know that the softare is not in place already. I don’t know if there is a “hack” available, but it would not be a difficult one to write at all. Just a query against the status to look for suspended or frozen.

Gotta run, l8r d00dz.

Well I found out who it was.
Interestingly enough, he tells his side of the story over here.
Fare thee well, Chewycorns.

[quote=“Josefus”]Well I found out who it was.
Interestingly enough, he tells his side of the story over here.
Fare thee well, Chewycorns.[/quote] Nope, that ain’t who.

Well jeepers, someone fill me in here.
I missed the memo.

Well, since it says “Banned” under his user name, who is no secret.

Toe Save has been banned.

You didn’t miss the memo, because so far as I know, there wasn’t one. But if you’d like details you’ll have to ask Maoman, I’m not going there. Anyways, Toe Save would very likely tell you that he wasn’t banned, he resigned. shrug Whatever.

Chewycorns was proposed for a suspension, not a ban, and he’s currently in administrative limbo, not suspended. He’ll be back.

Oh the Toe Save thing, yeah I knew about that.
I got to read the final blaze of glory before it was flamed. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m just commenting on the snideness I saw from a couple of people in a thread not so long ago which mentioned the PM-cutoff thing. I personally do think that the no-PMs thing makes sense, but fully expected someone to come on this thread and just shit on it without consideration in the least. There are a couple of people about who seem to take any suggestion that the system may not be 100% perfect as though it were a direct attack on them personally. I’m glad to see I’ve been proven wrong on my previous comment.

And Josefus - “todger” means cock.

With this new revelation made to me, I hit Yyahoo to see if it could possibly be true.
I came acrossJamie and the Magic Todger
I literally laughed 'till I could breath no more.

From Wiki[quote]Colloquial name for a human penis (used in Australia, thought to be used in UK)[/quote]

That’s why I’ve never heard it. :blush:

Edit: I should add: Possibly :nsfw: and make sure the volume is on. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget this one (NSFW) and this. Nothing to do with todgers the last one but.

[quote=“Jaboney”][quote=“Josefus”]Well I found out who it was.
Interestingly enough, he tells his side of the story over here.
Fare thee well, Chewycorns.[/quote] Nope, that ain’t who.[/quote]
Er, actually, it was Chewy. I don’t know why you would think or suggest that I wanted to have anything to do with the other. . . .

:raspberry: NAA na na na boo boooo

Well, colour me a silly-billy. :blush:

Anyways, Chewycorns is back already.