Suggestion for a new forum

I would like to suggest a new forum. Courts&The Law. It would great to have this space just to talk about all things legal. I know that there is
the Human Rights forum, but it doesn’t seem like the place to discuss articles of other legal topics that are posted.

Anyone object?

The ususal. Provide 30 links to suitable topics currently in other forums and ask Maoman to give it his consideration. That’s how new forums are started. Personally, I think you’ll have a difficult job – Cars & Motorcycles for traffic cases, plus we also have Work, Visas, Marriage, etc already existing. What is it that made you feel there’s a place for another legal forum?

Should I just provide 30 links that Tommy525 has posted in the last month on crazy US cases :laughing:. That’s pretty much what made me thought of having a separate forum. Of course, there’s the open forum, but I thought a specialized one would just work.

Off to find 30 links :whistle:

But we already have the Temp forum for Tommy’s posts. It’s HIS forum! :laughing: