Suggestions for a Combo VHS-DVD Recorder Deck?

I’ve got a friend with a few hundred old VHS tapes recorded from a decade or two ago who really wants to archive them as DVDs. He’s unfortunately completely computer-illiterate, so that rules out any setup involving a PC and video capturing device.

From what I’ve gleaned from thet internet, component DVD-VHS decks are becoming more affordable and for all intents and purposes more efficient for backing up tapes to DVDs. The problem is, where does one find a reputable source for these decks?

I would really appreciate some tips and recommendations from anyone who has gone this route or knows a good dealer in Taipei.

After much browsing the web, calling around and visiting various stores ranging from the Mom and Pops to the large supermarkets, it looks as if my search for a combo VHS/DVD deck is a futile one. These may have been imported a few years ago, but they are next to impossible to find in Taipei!

For now, I’m just going to help my friend set up with a new VCR and a Pioneer DVD recorder with hard drive. Is there any particular dealer that Forumosa members recommend in the Taipei area?

To be honest, Carrefour is not a bad place to look for stuff like that.


I agree. Carrefour was one that I visited last week, and they have an okay selection. The larger dealers (except Tsan-Quen) seem to offer a greater range of goods and less hassles. I’m also thinking of visiting Costco, if it’s anything like its US-equivalent.

Here’s one for sale.
You can see more on the site.
That one’s not cheap.
19,000nt :astonished:

[quote=“Josefus”]Here’s one for sale.
You can see more on the site.
That one’s not cheap.
19,000nt :astonished:[/quote]


Thanks for the head’s up! It certainly is expensive, but there’s the added convenience and obvious space-saving. But then again, I’ve never bought something like this over Yahoo. More things to consider…