Suggestions for beginner group lessons, 3 days a week?


I need to kick start my Chinese learning, so group lessons seem like a good place to start. I’ve read the threads on these here, and it looks like TLI etc offer suitable courses. All the courses I’ve found so far though are for 10 hrs / week (2 hrs / day, mon-fri).

I have a full time job, and think that this, on top of everyday work may just be too much to comfortably handle, probably 3 days a week is best for me. Morning (e.g. 8-10AM) classes seem most attractive.

Other people must be in the same boat - what did you do ? It it best to just accept the hard work and go for it, or are there suitable courses out there ?

Thanks !

You can have a teacher from TLI come to your office at a time convenient to both of you. The number of hours you want to study are then up to you, they’re also reasonably flexable on cancelling classes etc when you’re too busy. You will progress much faster in a 1-1 class, will cost considerably more though.