Suggestions for Great Free Game Websites


Sad, they changed it. Used to be free to join games… Although you did have to buy a game to start games. Now it only allows 4 free tries.

I’ve become addicted to tower defense, thanks to one of the other posts here! :smiley:


hello guys i am new here anyone here know free full game like call of duty , far cry downland site …



Path of Exile, from a kiwi developer, free to play and not pay to win, game of year and many other awards in 2014.
Also got the Best venture business award in New Zealand.

Edit: PoE is a game, not website.

The site below is what I use to search for FTP games. … right-now/


I’m going to try this game tomorrow if I get around to it:

Anyone have some free online games in Mandarin to suggest?


Je joue Sporcle lol.

#27 and are good sites for online free games.


This game will be free during alpha/beta phases – which may last quite a while, releasing to testing in Q3-Q4 this year @
This is a werewolf/mafia game based on lies and deceit :slight_smile: Requires some juice though for DX11 graphics - a decent gaming rig.


Hearthstone is an awesome free game to play, Taiwanese are fully into it so is my gf even tho its an american company they have all different languages. Very popular all over the world and only a few years old.

Its bassically an interactive card game where you play your cards/creatures and they attack your opponent or your opponents creatures and some cards have massive synergy and cool effects. you start with 30 health and so does your opponent first one to kill them wins.

they also have tournments 100k for the winner.

Remember when you where a little kid and use to get crabs to fight each other or ants or whatever it kinda feels like that but with strategy like chess and luck like poker.

Also poker is pretty good game and free and starting to grow some momentum here in taiwan.

Taiwanese play chinese poker and i recently taught my gfs father and mother how to play and they where reluctant to play and associate it with evil gambling game where you lose all your house but then they preffered texas hold em over there style of poker.

So poker/texas holdem should be able to grow here very rapidly especially with the opening of the casino in a few years and big companys like pokerstars have there eyes on taiwan.