Suggestions for Keelung/I-lan

I am scheduled to be in Keelung/Ilan in early March. My searching on this and other sites has turned up very little, so…I am turning to the old standby - ask for help.

  1. Can you provide me with the name of a ‘good’ hotel to stay at in Keelung/Ilan? Something a little less than the Evergreen ($$$$$$) but something more than Lee Li’s ‘Rooms by the Hour.’ I will have my spouse with me, and clean is a priority (just after price).

  2. Can you tell me why it seems that so many flights and Taipei hotels are booked up around March 10?

Feel free to email/pm rather than post.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The presidential election is on March 20 – which means you’re in for a hell of a show, by the way. Since Taiwan has no absentee balloting, those overseas who wish to vote must return to the island. Despite this impediment, Taiwan has a voter-participation rate that puts most other countries to shame.

The Huaxing Hotel in Keelung is fine. It’s certainly clean, the staff are friendly and it has the usual amenities although I could have done with another duvet. Rooms are around the 1000NT mark.

Tel. 02 2422 3131