Suggestions for Korea/Japan Summer Trip

I’m considering going to South Korea and Japan this summer, probably flying to Korea first, spend about a week there, and then flying to Japan for another week or so.

I’ve been to Korea once. We went to Seoul, visited the North/South Korean border, went to Odaesan National Park, and some other less interesting places I can’t remember the names of. My favorite part of that trip was Odaesan for sure.

I’ve been to Japan many times: Okinawa, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. My favorite part of Japan right now is probably Osaka. I’m looking for somewhere more out of the way in Japan. Hokkaido is a possibility.

Any suggestions about either place? I’ll be travelling with the family, so nightlife doesn’t figure into it that much. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.

Travelling in Summer 2020? Anywhere near Tokyo should be off limits. They’ll be hosting the Olympics and all its attendant hassles!



I totally forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.

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