Suggestions on where to study Chinese and application docs

I wanted to learn Chinese, so I figured just coming here with my limited speaking and writing ability would somehow bless me with fluent speech given enough time. Being here for a month however, I’ve decided that such an assumption is unlikely to happen and that Chinese language classes are in order,which brings me to my question…

Although I have heard from a local relative that the MTC is well known for its Chinese language courses, what other colleges offer good/effective Chinese language courses?

And a related question…

How strict are they with application documents such as financial statements (indicating balances of thousands of dollars), diplomas (I graduated from a university in the states, but cannot provide a diploma, although my university can certify that graduated through mail or fax), and letters of recommendation? And although they ask for originals, given the time constraint (MTC’s application is due in FIVE days) will they temporarily accept faxed ones?

Hoping for good news…thanks!

Browse this forum to find plenty of answers and opinions regarding that question.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask the school registry instead of asking us?

You definitely need a bank statement proving the required funds (however much that may be) to get your renewable visitor visa as a student.