Suggestions & Opinions on Job Hunting

Hi- I’m a newbie with a kind of an odd / stressful situation. I was born in Taiwan, went to U.S at the age of 10 and graduated high school there. Went to university up until my third year because due to financial constraints I’m unable to continue my college studies. So now I only have my high school certificate and my transcript from my university…

I’m back in Taipei and for the time being I can’t apply for unis here until I save up some money. My relatives told me I will have a better chance at finding an English teaching job but with only a high school degree and an unfinished college degree (Art major) I doubt my chances at finding any job will be high. I can speak Mandarin fluently but I do have a little trouble in terms of writing. Can anyone spare some advice/suggestions? I’m thinking of cram schools around where I live and/or private lessons with children (for their homework etc.)


You can definitely claim to be a college student here and find work in the anqingban/buxiban system.

Anqingban work is pretty cushy from what I’ve seen and heard from other former Taiwanese college students. You just read your favorite romance novel while kids fill squares with characters. Then you tell them that whatever they turn in sucks for whatever reasons and make them do it again.