Suicide by self-decapitation?

It’s rather gruesome and not exactly a laughing matter, but it does cry out for comment. It was reported in the news today that the decapitated body of a Japanese businessman was found in the grounds of his apartment building in Tainan. According to the report I read, the head was not located until some time after the body was discovered, so presumably it couldn’t have been lying close by. And yet Tainan’s finest were quoted as saying that they have not ruled out the possibility of suicide! Now I’m no sleuth, but I can hardly figure out how it is possible to take one’s own life by self-decapitation without using a guillotine, which evidently wasn’t done in this case. Even if it could have been suicide, how to explain the distance between the head and body? Could this perhaps be another case of someone falling foul of the local mafia and the police stretching logic to cover it up? Echoes of an unfortunate Australian teacher in Chiayi? Or could it be that, under local law, falling foul of the mafia is considered to be a form of suicide? Now that would figure.

Maybe he jumped, hit his head on something… etc etc etc. I don’t want to get graphical…

More likely the cops had just been warned not to give out any information to the press. Despite the somewhat odd wording, they were basically telling the reporters “No comment.” The suicide quote was almost certainly in response to a question from a particularly slow-witted “reporter.”

As to who might have warned the crime scene cops, who knows? Higher-ranking cops? A politician? A gangster? All of the above? Or all of the above in a single persona?

No, the China Post cleared it up. Or maybe it was the Taiwan News. This is what happened omnilo:

the man was depressed, police found DIY suicide manual in his living room on 19th floor of his Tainan apartment, he had taken sleeping pills and morphine and then jumped. Suicide pure and simple. The reason the head was found far from his body was because he hit a concrete hill-like bunker near the swimming pool when he landed, and the head got cut off there. Police found cracks in the concrete to show this happened. No foul play. Just pure Japanese suicide jump, common in Japan, 8-10 times a month over there I heard, and since he believes suicide is okay and he will go to Shinto paradise anyway, good luck to him. He has left this valley of sadness and despair and rejoined the Shinto heaven in paradise, so even his family will understand; the loving wife he left behind, the 3 teenage daughters he left behind, the second wife he left behind in Tainan and all the rest. Suicide is painless, that movie MASH said, remember?

In Japan, suicide is an honorable way out. No big deal for them. It is just us who cringe, and yes you are right, what a sad story!

Shimizu-san RIP

taiwan news says:

Police said the Japanese businessman was most likely decapitated when he struck the sharp edges of the artificial hill used for decoration in the courtyard. They said they discovered cracks in the plaster of the artificial mountain that were likely caused by a hard impact.

Inspection of Shimizu’s apartment revealed the presence of several bottles of medicinal alcohol and a wide-open window facing the courtyard. The police also said that they found no signs of a scuffle in the apartment.

But CHina Post had full story on page 19. DIY suicide manual and computer opened to webapge on depression and drugs.

Shimizu came to Tainan alone in October last year. He lived on the top floor apartment. His company is located at nearby Yungkang.

In Shimizu’s apartment den, the police investigator said, were found bottles of herb wine, pain-killer sticker bands and a computer, from which information on depression was downloaded from Japanese websites.

God, poor bastard. :frowning:

Yep, seems you’re right, he fell from a high building after having a skinful as well. Think the teacher in Chiayi was more probably a slip in the rain rather than a suicide attempt though.