Suing for Defamation


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I would like to know if I am able to sue this person as I am Taiwan Nationality and this person is under working Arc in Taiwan for one year in a Indian restaurant he wrote such comments on the google and facebook which is so embarrasing to me and to my friends what should I do. It also effecting my work too. I am in depression.

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Just an obvious remind. Can sue and can win are different.


How do you know he is on an ARC? I know plenty of Indians here on Taiwanese ID, which makes them Taiwanese.

go tell the google and the facebook that this dude is full of shit

depression? at this point i highly doubt that’s his responsibility . good lord

Depression it keeps haunting me those words he wrote I just gave one point on the restaurant review which is true. He gives the left over sauce that had been eating by other customers and is been reused again for the new customers. This is not hygiene at all.

I once walked off a bus back in my hometown and a crazy homeless dude shouted at me that he would shit on my mother’s face.

If you are being haunted by it then that’s your problem. Toughen up and move on.

If it’s not too traumatic for you, what exactly did he say?


I suspect half or more restaurants in Taiwan reuse the sauce and even unused meat and veg from other customers. You don’t think the frugal restaurant owners here are going to let a big plate of unused food go to waste, especially buffets and hotpot restaurants.

I leave negative reviews as well as positive ones all the time in Taiwan, I just do it behind a pseudonym. I keep it factual and base it on my opinion… (eg on that occasion I felt the food was too burnt, oily) that way it shows it is just your opinion on that day and not a complete judgement on the restaurant as a whole.

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Thanks for your comments. As I am not the only person who gives comment there are others too who writes review on the food.

We need to know what was posted to decide if it was defamation or not. It’s fully understandable if you do not wish to post what was said about you, but if that’s the case then you will need to consult a lawyer. Nobody here can give you a definitive answer without knowing what was said about you.

Thank you all guys for the comments and advice.

Appreciate very much.

Have a good day

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But what did that bastard say about you??

I had a friend who was in a similar situation, and she decided to sue.

She won the case, and was awarded a fairly large amount of money as compensation

I recommend you sue, not only because it’s important to teach the person you can’t just behave like that, but also so that you yourself get some justice.

Thank you yes I am going to sue him he’s been in Taiwan just one year and he thinks he is a hero he thinks Taiwan is like India.

Is not because of money is just because he ruin my reputation.

genuinely shocked people think like this :neutral_face:


Just need to teach him a lesson.

Give me his address and I’ll order him some pizzas

We need to know what that guy wrote about you for giving appropriate advice.

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