Suitable venue for party

Looking forward to hear the expert advice on the following :
We want to organize an event in Taipei, as from 18.00 PM up till 22.00 PM, on an evening during the week, and we are looking for a suitable venue (bar-pub-club). The venue needs to have the following qualifications :

  • upscale venue with good reputation.
  • enough tables to sit at least 40 people, preferably up till 80 people.
  • large bar where people can stand and mingle.
  • possibility for us to reserve (part of) the venue, at a ‘reasonable’ price.

A coffee shop is maybe not recommended as they do not cater for beers or other alcohol.

Food is not required, if a suitable venue would be a restaurant, we can agree on appetizers, snacks, sandwiches to be catered for at a fixed price per person attending the party.

If the venue would be a club, the event would finish anyway before the place gets busy.

We would be very pleased to receive any good suggestions on a suitable venue. Thanks in advance, Frederik

For example, we went to Brown Sugar : Too expensive, 60.000 NT to reserve for one evening.

Well, since the OriEnTeD poohbahs probably persuaded Trader Vics and Champagne that their last-Thursday-of-the-month bashes would be sure to drum up future business for them, why don’t you enquire at those venues?

Might be worth a try. They put on a good deal for oRientED by all accounts (although I’m FAR too cheap to go to such places.)

$60,000 too expensive at Brown Sugar? Well how about my rooftop? I have a great view, super friendly Beagle pup who’ll mingle well, the 711 is downstairs, so beer is no probs, but the best thing is my asking price is $10,000 cheaper than theirs.

G-Down is gorgeous, upscale, stiff-drinked, and friendly. and you could probably work out a good deal with Reuben, the owner.
They were so lovely to us during Mr. Taiwan Pageant, and have an excellent sound system and floor space. Go there and check it out first, and then ask for Reuben, whose there most nights.
Address: 13 Fuxing S. Road (near Daan MRT Stn) They’ve a faux entrance along Fuxing, but club in the basement.

I can recommend United Mix/Couches Lounge on Siwei Road, because they catered my birthday party last Saturday night. It was, by all accounts, a splendid bash, with good food, good drink, and excellent service. There were 50+ people, and we weren’t too crowded. Prices were very reasonable. I doubt they’d be able to accomodate that many people for a sit-down dinner, however, nevermind 80 people.

United Mix is located at #86 Siwei Road, behind Le Petit Sherwood at the corner of Dunhua and Xinyi Roads. Their number is 2754-4981. Here’s a link to a previous discussion.

Thanks for the tips. We will check it out. Anyone with more suggestions?