Had dinner at Sukhothai at the Sheraton tonight and I couldn’t find a thread on it so I thought I’ll write about it. Really good food and superb service. Excellent service.

The food was authentic without burning a hole in your gut, just the right amount of spice. The fried Oysters were huge and tasted great, the papaya salad ordinary, and we had a couple of other curries which were good. There was this pumpkin chicken curry that was heavenly and then we got a plate of satays that were just perfect. Soup was OKAY ad so was the shaved ice with fruits but only coz i couldn’t get over the pumpkin chicken, otherwise I’m sure they were outstanding :slight_smile:

It is steeply priced, but a great place for those once in a while treats! :thumbsup:

Do you have any prices to situate them?

Everything was around 550 NTD, dessert was 120…basically a meal for 4 (the kids eat what we eat), with veg. spring rolls, satays, a couple of curries, soups, dessert, came to about 6 grand.

EDIT. We also had the Shrimp cake which was thick and fluffy unlike those hard flattened ones you get in Thai town.