Sumatriptan availability

Hi everyone, I´m considering a move to Taiwan after this school year. I´ve previously spent a year in China and it was nearly impossible to obtain sumatriptan, which is the only thing that works for my occasional but severe migraines. Not to be rude, but I´m not looking for advice on triggers or alternative medication. I just want to know if I can easily buy sumatriptan and roughly the price, so I can decide if I need to bring it with me or not. Thanks in advance!

Yes, Sumatripan is available here under the name of 英明格。
My recommendation is that you see a doctor here, provided that you have NHI with your work permit. The NHI will take care of most of the costs, including medication. This is a Rx only drug so technically you will not be able to buy it without a prescription (but some pharmacies still sell those…you will have to try your luck and visit more than one). From what I’ve seen, the price for 6 pills is ~1500 NT. NHI will pay for 8 per month.