Summarize the 2018 Taiwan election

To be frank, I have no idea what occurred in this past election besides the KMT winning. My mom is Taiwanese but I live in the US and I don’t feel like reading a 400 message thread. All I know is that my mom was PISSED. Anyone mind summarizing the election quickly?

KMT is much more pro China than DPP.

Or it may be because the gay marriage law didn’t pass.

You would need to ask your mom what she’s pissed about exactly.

Well she’s conservative in the US, Sshe only sides with DPP because they are pro Taiwan. She doesn’t support the left wing issues, mostly just hates China.

That would explain it, plus they voted down the idea of competing in the Olympics under the name Taiwan. That one alone would be enough to really piss some people off.

My mom has said that Taiwan won’t be the same, but I don’t think it’ll change as drastically as she says. My dad on the other hand thinks that it’ll become more like Hong Kong (politically). Do you think it’ll change that much?

Hahaha, that would be a drastic change for Taiwan. I don’t think we will see something like a (one country two systems) go down in Taiwan if that’s what your dad is referring to when saying HK politically.


As a result of these elections? No. Gay marriage will happen sooner or later anyway. Voting KMT is just the public’s way of saying they are unhappy with how the DPP is running the show. But in honesty the public is never happy, unhappy with Chen Shui Bian (DPP), unhappy with Ma Ying Yeou (KMT) and now unhappy with Tsai Ing Wen (DPP). Last time I can remember the public being happy with the leader was in the days of lee Tung Hui (was KMT but kind of gave the nod to Chen Shui Bian to be his successor who was DPP).


Summary: Blue Wave.


I wish he was 30 years younger so that he could get all these cunty clowns the fuck out from the political scene.

Too bad it didn’t happen in the US.

Some are claiming that. Probably a bit melodramatic but they kinda have a point.

Or thank god it didn’t, depending on your perspective.

Whoa, something we agree on. Nice…


No, it won’t change that much in terms of China issues. At least not until the early 2020 elections for legislature and President. If KMT wins both, then it will change a bit and your mom will be even more pissed. But don’t worry, 4 or 8 years after that, it will change back again to the DPP in power.

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The Dems picked up 40 House seats, 7 Governorships and flipped multiple state legislatures. If that’s not a blue wave, what is?

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It would have to be on the level of the 2010 Red Wave to satisfy @gain.

I thought historically, the opposition party should have picked up more seats and that they should have gained majority in the Senate, but in the end they didn’t. The Republicans didn’t really win but they held up well, so as far as mid-terms go, it was kind of a victory.

Btw I didn’t learn this from Herr Milker. I read this somewhere else. Many have been arguing the same.

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In a booming economy it was the best mid term result for the Dems since Nixon.

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of the 35 seats up for election, democrats won 24-25 and lost 10-11. having to defend 26 seats to 9 is the reason why they had no shot at gaining the majority for this cycle. the next two classes though will be very much in the dems favor if anger against trump continues.

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No. Not really. The Dems had the hardest Senate map in a hundred years. They had to defend triple the seats the GOP did. Under normal circumstances they should’ve lost 5-6 seats. The fact they kept it to 2 is pretty outstanding. 2020 will be a very good map for them and they’ll probably win back the Senate at that time. So on the surface Trump and others can claim they did well, but it’s ignoring some pretty fundamental facts.

But yes, most of their wins were in the House, and those were pretty historic wins. They beat the GOP in House votes by about 8% nationwide and won 40 seats. Probably would’ve been 60 if they didn’t have to contend with all the gerrymandering that had been done since 2010.

Anyway back to your regularly scheduled program…


I guess it was some more cautious dems that I read this. They weren’t saying that it wasn’t something worth celebrating, just that the dems must not be too prideful since it wasn’t an overwhelming red wave like 2010 or 2014 or something. I don’t really remember.

Nothing drastic will change, which is the problem. Both parties will just tow the status quo as long as they can to hold onto power, they just have different positions on the status quo. Neither has the balls or the leadership to push things over the edge.


Looking back I actually think DPP has done ok. Not outstanding but certainly hasn’t been as bad as people have been saying, which makes the election result all the more disappointing.