Summarize the Taiwan election


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I think they did ok as well. But for being the progressive party with many supporters with a undertone of independence sentiment. They really didn’t offer their supporters much, and to be fair how much could they with the threat of China responding to each and little move. they don’t have the vision and the leadership, they’ve lost my confidence. Some of my family are/were deep green supporters. Some have even ran successfully as DPP candidates for local elections. My dad used to donate a lot of money back when CSB was the president. Most of them don’t see much hope with DPP, they just would never support the KMT. That’s how I see everyone mostly feel now who are DPP supporters. No ones really that passionate about them anymore.

I know you don’t like Ko, but I’m glad an independent held on to power. And NPP gained some ground as well. So not all horrible, maybe this will pave some way for smaller parties to shake things up.


Seriously? I was listening to a group of political experts on ICRT on the day of the election and their consensus was that the KMT had failed to reform itself after 2016 and was a spent force. Clearly very wrong.


I’m surprised, the KMT were doing things like going to meet with Beijing during Tsai presidency. Their former party leader and former premier Lian Chan caused a lot anger for the other side and panic for the KMT going over there. But I guess it speaks to the DPP really fails to inspire and offer their supporters and reason to feel strongly about them.


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Think what this man could do with a full graphics workstation!


How do you think I got my foreign professional “gold card”. The K-man isn’t the only one with talent on this island.


Out of curiosity, no right/wrong answer:
How often does your mom come back to visit Taiwan/family?
Has she ever flown back for a presidential election to vote?


corrupt and badly organized


no problem


My mom goes back to Taiwan once a year. She has voted in every major election.


True, although CCK made people really happy. He made them rich.


Politicians suck. Throw the bums out and you just end up with different bums.

The only reason this is a problem is because governments have way too much power. If the food is lousy, go for small portions. This is why I always vote for the ones likely to reduce government power over citizens. I even vote for those loser Libertarians when I get a chance.

The one real benefit of cleaning house is it disrupts their scheming. That makes it worthwhile. The other groups of bums won’t be better, but they’ll be less well organized against the people and thus less able to do harm. Churn the caucuses and committees.

Term limits are good. They’re anti-meritocratic, but meritocracy is a foregone conclusion anyway.


He didn’t make them rich, Taiwanese made themselves rich.


Fake News master, the Russians might have a job for you.


Indeed, Taiwan reached its economic peak during LTH’s time. The glory days of Taiwan as one of Asia’s 4 little dragons. Of course, how much credit he deserves is up to debate and the judgement of history. Personally, I think CCK deserves more credit for Taiwan’s rise back in those long gone days. Not to mention getting rid of martial law and ensuring a smooth transition to democracy.


In parlance with US politics
KMT -> Republican
No common folk would admit in public that they are Republican.
But every election it will be almost 50-50.
People who said that they are “not supporting either party” likely will swing to Republican during election due to variety of reasons. (e.g.: Not preferring female president, for being considered not though enough, anti-commie stance, or religion/culture)
Party of the elites, WASP in the US.

DPP -> Democratic
The cool hipster party for the tolerant, young folk that allegedly sided with the oppressed, the poor and minorities.
Majority people will say that they aren’t fond of the Republicans.

Of course there are Taiwan-specific issue that can’t be pigeonholed into these generalization, but in very simplified nature, that it is.


Dems are better than DPP though. At least they are more PC.