Summarize the Taiwan election


The quality of reasoning and emptiness of a speech is in the mind of the beholder. I mean, you can make those claims for any view that doesn’t agree with yours. As many have both outside and inside this forum.


Sure, but if a guy offers me the mon and the stars and then runs away with my money, I have no one to blame but myself for teh lack of due diligence.

If yo tell me you disagree with laojifa policies or believe in nuclear power as teh answer, I can accept that, you have your convictions. But if you tell me that you voted against gay marriage because they cause tsunamis or quakes or they will bring foreigners to strip clean the NHI or any other far fetched claim, well, then I beg to difer.


I’ll admit I got very turned off by all the foreigners posting their rainbow pics for gay marriage on Facebook.

What did the gay community do for foreigners in Taiwan, both white and blue collar ?

Is gay marriage really at the top of all the issues we are facing in Taiwan ?

I’m actually a supporter of gay marriage but I think there are so many other priorities such as foreign labourers to be covered under the labour act, fair citizenship laws SO WE CAN ACTUALLY VOTE , how to stand up to China and move Taiwan forward, how to get better relations between foreign counties and Taiwan, how to improve a fairly shit education system …

Just fucking silence on all those issues but stick up a rainbow flag…Yeah…

YOU CANT EVEN VOTE why not make a big deal of THAT. Gay Taiwanese have FAR MORE rights than foreigners including long term residents overall…


That’s not the point.

Hello? Your country legalised abortion AFTER you legalised gay marriage.


I live on Taiwan I am far more concerned with what is happening here than there!

Again what has the gay community done for foreigners…I don’t think they have done anything at all.

Those Christians that everybody hates have done a lot more I would say.

And I’m not Christian either.


Excuse me but why is this about who doing anything for whom? Have foreigners done anything to the gay community anywhere?


I just don’t get why foreigners in Taiwan seem to campaign more to get marriage rights for Taiwanese than for their own rights. Comes across as idiotic. There are massive issues in the way foreigners are treated here.


Yeah, like how hard it is to open a bank account? Or has that improved?


I feel like some of them don’t really feel all that strongly about it. It’s like to cool thing to do.


Well, gay marriage receives widespread coverage in the West. It’s still very much a hot topic considering that a lot of those countries legalised it fairly recently as well (America, Australia, Germany etc.)

Besides, most of those foreigners would be in Taiwan for like what, 2 years at most? Of course they don’t give a fuck about immigration and citizenship law.


Does she pay tax ? Or has representation without taxation ?


Its trendy to have a Gay friend these days, and have a few friends of different skin colors and don’t forget the rainbow key chain it is so cool LA


It would be a great economic incentive. Aside from the push it will give to the dying bridal couture and werdding specials conmpanies, lots of talented gay people will put up with the bad salaries in order to live more freely than say Singapore or China. Gay tourism for weddings!


Stupid people are the cause of disaster. Free speech ameliorates the harm they can do.

Stupid people can’t tolerate free speech because someone smarter than them will always embarrass them.

Evil people can’t tolerate free speech because someone will call them out for their lies.


It is far easier than most other countries. You can open an account in the post bank on the first day of arrival even on a visitor visa.