Summer Camp/Intensive Courses for 2013

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently teaching in Barcelona and I am seeking a Summer position in Taiwan from July - August. I have experience working with many different classes ranging from Business English, Medical English, Legal English, Cambridge PET Certified Exams, and General English/Grammar. I have worked with both children and adults. I have experience teaching one-on-one classes, along with group classes ranging up to 15 people per group.

Would you be able to pass along any contact information for any connections you may have? I truly enjoy teaching and love helping other people learn a new language. Thanks so much for any suggestions you have :slight_smile: I hope to see some responses soon. I’ve been e-mailing some schools, but I’m not sure if it’s too early?

Also, do you know if a copy of my 4 year degree is a requirement to teach a Summer course? I have completed the requirements for my degree in December, but haven’t officially “graduated” or received my degree because I’m in Spain right now - I went to Arizona State Univ. and finished my last semester online…just wondering if that’s going to be a hassle for Visa purposes?

All the best,