Summer Hols

Who among you Forumosans are heading off Taiwan for your summer hols this year? Or maybe, like Imani, you’ve already left and are logging onto this site from an ancient city or balmy beachside in some farflung corner of the world?

Where are you spending your hols, how long are you going for, and what special treats do you have in store there?

I won’t be able to take a long enough break from work to fly away from Taiwan, alas. :cry: But at least let me enjoy the vicarious pleasure of reading about my fellow Forumosans’ holiday jaunts. :slight_smile:

So please share your holiday plans and details with the rest of us here – whether you’re taking a round-the-world cruise, hopping over to Bali, hiking in Yushan National Park, going to see the folks back home, or whatever.

You guys get holidays and time off ? :shock:

Bali, tomorrow.

If you bastards don’t stop bragging about your Summer holidays, I’m going to ban you from the travel thread.

Oh what the hell, have a good time.

Germany on Wednesday, to see the bf, of course.

We’ll head off to La Gomera for one week first before I spend another two weeks trying to fit all my friends and relatives in whatever time I have left. We’ll have a family celebration, my grandma’s 80th birthday, and I’m looking forward to see all my cousins and aunts and uncles there.

As always, it looks like I’m really unlucky with the weather in Germany, they reported a dreadful 15 degrees yesterday after having a couple of nice and hot summer weeks that used to last for months when I was a kid. I’ll probably be as freezing cold as I was last year (freezing in woolen socks, thick boots, two sweaters and a leather jacket). I’ll be as stressed out as always with trying to see as many people as possible and realizing that once more, I’ll not have time to make the trip to my other grandparent’s place which I haven’t seen in two years :?

Apart from that, I’m definitely looking forward to it, especially to the first part.


Iris doesn’t like being moderator it seems!

I was here first :wink:

Anyway, I didn’t make it sound too nice, did I? So stop whining and go back to planning your Sardinia vacation :wink:


Alleycat: Fredericka Bimmel keeps going on about her holidays in another thread, can you arrange for something to be ‘done’ about her too ? :smiling_imp:

I thought everyone is happy that she’s going be spending time away from Forumosa.

I’ll reread some Gerald Durrell and some Famous Five Summer holiday adventures.

That should tide me over.

Hey Alleycat, try Five Go Mad in Dorset, that’s a good one. As for me, I’m off in August to blighty, where I’ll spend a couple of weeks within walking distance of this fine brewpub at my folk’s house.

It’ll be the height of the summer sea trout season, so I’ll be spending a few nights on the watter. Then it’ll be off to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Lake Constance to visit friends.

Would every going away please
[color=red]SHUT UP!!! :imp: [/color]
Thank you, I’m off to the ‘Sad and lonely in Taiwan all summer’ thread :cry:

Cheer up, Matthew! I’m not going away either, but I still find it consoling rather than otherwise to share other people’s holiday plans and imagine myself in their place.

It’s similar to reading raunchy novels while going through a lean patch in one’s love life – which probably packs a much greater thrill than when we’re getting more than enough ourselves to provide half a dozen feature stories for Playboy.

Are you stuck in Taipei because you’re a teacher condemned to the 40-and-more-teaching-hour-week summer bushiban madness?

Of course, all you teachers have to put your travel plans on hold for now - but September will come round soon enough, and it’ll still be summer, and then you can unwind and spend some of those summer earnings on whatever kind of holiday meets your fancy. In the meantime, the planning and dreaming should help keep you sane during the endless hours of exhausting, sweat-soaked, repetitive teaching to those overfilled classes of reluctant and uncooperative teens.

I’m going back to Bloom County.

Sounds like some of you work too much. Either that or the credit card bills are to high.

We’ll be in Bali. Looking forward to sun, surf, and shopping.

Last summer we went to Canada. Found that 3 weeks was too short to see everyone, relax, and feel good. Wont be going back there until the 2010 Olympics BAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!

Getting off this rice paddy.
Heading to Rome on Friday, four days later onto Tuscany for a week, then Venice for a day or so, then to Prague and Bohemia for a week and catch up with an old mate, and finally, chill out in Amsterdam for five days. Puff, no pass.

And just think, I almost went for an Aussie winter.
SARS was good for something. Dead cheap airfare to Europe!

Well I get 6 weeks holiday this year but can’t travel much until Christmas - will save most of it until that period. I’m not so anxious about winter in Canada after being away for so long but at least the homes will have central heat.

At the end of this month I’ll be heading to Luang Prabang after some serious massage in Chiang Mai. 2 weeks in the area with no real plans other than touring about on foot. I’ll probably lose 5 kilos from walking in the heat but thats always a welcome side effect.

I’m going to Hudson Bay, northern Canada, Eskimo village.

In 3 weeks we’ll be making our way up through the Canadian Rockies on a tandem towing all our stuff behind us on a trailer. Destination Toronto. A few torturous, bug bitten weeks later we’ll be on our way to England for a few months, armed with golf clubs, for a vacation. Then it’s back to Canada for Christmas before making our way back to Taiwan to pay for all this extravagance. Mmmmmm 6 month vacation.

Hong Kong in August to pick up a yacht and sail it back here.