Summer Internships for ABCs

Hi all, I’m a college student American born Chinese, who can speak Chinese well. I was wondering if anyone knows of any startups or international companies in Taipei? I’m in the process of looking for a summer internship in Taipei (I can work there, permit not an issue) and was hoping to get some input on some companies maybe people know of or have experience with that would maybe be a fit for someone like me. I’m open to fields such as marketing, social media, information technology, and just wanted to get experience in a Taiwan company; preferably a company who can communicate in English / is globally-minded (e.g. tour companies).
Or, is there any place where I can search about Taipei companies and startups, or any suggestions at all?

Greatly appreciated :slight_smile: is a good way to start looking if you don’t have issues with reading Chinese and working here legally.

You can also work the guan xi. Tell your relatives, they’ll tell someone, who knows someone, that knows someone, who golfs with someone high up that can just give you the job. Just make sure you’ll get something out of it.

I was in that situation during one of my summer vacations and I played restaurant city for 6 hours a day and watched Youtube for the remaining. I ended up not learning a single thing during my 2 month stay.

If you want to work in the travel industry talk to KKday. Aggressive start-up always hiring and teeming with ABC/TBA types.

you can look up “Taiwan Tech Trek”

My experience with two different internships in Taiwan is that they seem to be less hands on than in the US. A lot of your time is spent shadowing other people instead of having actual responsibility.

Thank you all! Have been checking out and took a look at KKday and taiwan tech trek. :slight_smile: