Summer Job Teaching English


I am a 34 year old certified Canadian public school teacher with six years of teaching experience, two years overseas. I am arriving in Taipei on July 8th and will be leaving on August 19th. I have a M.Ed., B.Ed., B.Sc., and CTESL. I would really like to find a summer job teaching English in a full-time, part-time or tutoring capacity. Does anyone have any advice they could lend me?

Much Appreciated

You’re best bet would be to look for jobs substitute teaching because nobody is going to go thru the paperwork to officially hire you. And I don’t know where substitute teaching jobs are posted for Taipei.

To add to what Abacus has said.

You will not be able to teach in Taiwan LEGALLY unless you have a proper work permit and ARC and
since you are only ‘visiting’ this is NOT possible.
The only teaching job you can get is private tutoring whereby the pay is cash in hand, even that is technically illegal.

Thanks for your advice.

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Put your details up in these two places and see if anyone is looking for summer school teachers.

There are numerous summer camps that you can teach at, albeit illegally. I’m not sure that the camps will fit your schedule though. I think they usually last all of August.