… is almost upon us, and it’s time to be marketing your program for the months of July and August.

Suggestions for offerings?

Elementary, junior, inbetweenies, senior high, the university crowd, who has the most time and disposable cash? What do you recommend selling them?

Answers on a postcard please to Stragbasher’s “I want to be a millionaire” fund, c/o Forumosa.

ESP is the thing:

English for terrorism
English for picking up a waiguoren
English for debating on Forumosa, etc.

Start a refugee smuggling ring from the soon to be communist Taiwan to the free democratic countries of the world. :wink:

Only a few weeks left best start getting ready.



Why don’t you come and see me in Kaohsiung? Showing you is much more effective than telling you.

English for Communists or as it should be called

Imperialistic Hegemonistic Capitalist Language Learning for Communists.

Very catchy title.


Have a Benchley seminar. KenTaiwan98 seems to have lost the signature. Everytime I read one of your posts, it reminds me that I need to go find some Benchley, and then I quickly forget about it.