🤼 Sumo

Time will tell. Maybe someone will find a weak spot technique.

That was great match. Wakamotoharu slammed Hokuseiho.

Amazing strength, he’s outperforming his brother who is sidelined after his knee surgery.

I just heard about Asakayama Beya this morning - has anyone ever been and had breakfast with these champions?
浅香山部屋 稽古見学のご案内 To see the Sumo practice (asakayamabeya.net)

荒汐部屋稽古案内 (arashio.net)

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Ura with another gimmicky technique today. Amazing how he always finds ways to win while looking like he does not belong to the top division.

I usually catch the daily highlights the following day at 12:30 p.m.

You mean, you don’t want spoilers here?

This tournament is actually quite exciting, Teru looks strong, but he might have hurt himself today.

I wouldn’t mind if Kiribayama won, he looks very confident and composed.

No, I do not mean that in any way.

I like any and all comments at any time.

Just saying my comments are a day late after the live daily show.

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