Sun dried tomatoes

i am lookinfg for sun dried tomatoes, anyone can help me ?

I saw them on sale at an imported provisions shop in Minle Street, Datong District (parallel to Dihua Street) - maybe no. 125 Minle Street as mentioned in other threads.

Also available at Costco, apparently (see [url= thread[/url])

i haven’t seen them at the chungho costco, unfortunately. you can find them in tienmu welcome/matsushi, small jars at $200+ however. they are not that hard to find around other supermarkets with more imported items.

I think you can find sun dried tomatoes and a lot of other stuff u might be looking for at a store called “mami store” around Shida Area~
the address is No.6, Lane 117, Shida Rd. Taipei

The deli section at Jasons 101 has some. Quite good, I buy them regularly.

the best way is to actually make them yourself,the cherry tomatoes here are awesome and it’s not that long and it’s very rewarding

The Neihu Costco had them a few years ago, but I haven’t seen them since then. Wellman’s in Tianmu has them, in small jars for NT$210.

EDIT: Jason’s in 101 has several kinds in jars, near the pickles.

Do they exist anywhere? If anyone has seen them in a Carrefour or a Costco, please add the location because my local ones do not seem to have it (Xizhi area).

Hi, if you run a search in the food forum (where food-related items are), you’ll find some answers such as Yi-wei foods (dried, in bags, not in oil), and if you run the search on just thread (topic) titles, returning results as threads, you’ll see that there’s an existing thread on this. I realize you may have found that but wanted fresher info; no worries, I’ll merge this for you, as it’s best to keep just one thread per item type, so future searchers don’t have to open multiple threads looking for info.

BTW, Costco has been out of the oil-packed ones for a while. Damned shame, too, as they were reasonably priced, and good. I imagine Wellman’s and Jason’s (see my post from 5 years ago) and other import supers will have them, but at high prices.

Whoops, sorry. I did search, but I guess since I typed the first part as sun-dried' and sundried’, this particular thread did not come up. :doh:

Carrefour in Tienmu had some Italian-made house-brand ones, cheap. Oil packed in jars. I’d go quick, if many people like me run across them there may not be many left :slight_smile: Hope and pray they keep stocking them!

Anyone know of a source for sun dried tomatoes in the Kaohsiung area?

Many thanks,

Thank you Neptune for the recommendation. I like dried tomatoes.

Tienmu Carrefour have been stocking them continuously thankfully.

Excellent recipe I’ll be making again:

Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta