Sun Moon Lake Biking

I’m going to do a couple bike loops around Sun Moon Lake soon.

  • It’s about 30 km.
  • Maybe it’s better clockwise so closer to the water and views.
  • There are water bottle refill spots at temples and visitor centers.

I’ll be leaving from Ita Thao area Southeast side of lake.

The tourist info kind of suggests this is a bike path but I can’t tell if it’s bike passable. Is it?


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It is. Quite nice on a quiet day.

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I rode around Sun Moon Lake clockwise 3 times in 2 days recently. 30km if using the bike path on southwest side instead of road, nice ride, used separated bike path when ever possible but can become crowded, lot’s of shade, mostly safe but many places have no shoulder so sharing space with cars, crazy drivers, lots of trees hanging over and brush on road, early morning ride is sweet.


Because CNN has named it one of the top 10 cycling routes in the world, many people have gone to the lake to do this ride. The Giant shop will even give you a certificate if you complete it. But this ride is not for beginners. The most dangerous parts are climbs where you have to share the road with cars. If you can’t go straight up a hill but have to zigzag your way up, don’t try going around the lake; just stay in the dedicated bike path, which covers less than half of the lake if memory serves.

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Yes it’s not for beginners, but I saw lots of beginners and families and kids and people look like the first time they’ve ever been on a bike trying to make their way around. I was scared for them.

I’m completely frustrated that it’s promoted as a biking destination when it’s dangerous on the road sections with absolutely no bike path or space at all and not very well maintained in some areas. They have very very few road markings to show that car might be sharing with a bike.

But I probably have more scares per hour riding around the streets of Taipei than riding around Sun Moon Lake.

Which is ridiculous. I like Sun Moon Lake, sans the tourist crowds, but let’s be real. There are more than 10 cycling routes in the world that are more top.

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Wait what now?

I mean, it’s nice, but Sun Moon Lake?

Years ago

Like the mention of Din Tai Fung in the NY Times a long time ago, will always be used during promotions.