Sun Moon Lake

Can anyone recommend a decent but not outrageously expensive hotel at Sun Moon Lake. I checked out Lalu but at a price of NT$52,000 (admittedly for 4 adults) for the night it seemed a tad steep.

Is there anything decent out there for one nights stay? Also any highlights in the area not to be missed?


you might want to contact the tourism bureau, contact info is at this site: … search.jsp

there are several hotels on the road leading up to lalu (an amazing hotel, but too expensive for me). they are mostly three-star hotels. i’m sure the tourism bureau can provide a list.

I’ve stayed on both ‘sides’ of the Lake and actually prefer the newer side where the Lalu is. I can never remember heir names of course, but if you are walking down the little lane/street the heads off the main drag into the Lalu - I can recommend the second hotel in from the street!! :slight_smile: Sorry… my directions are shit house I know.

In April we stayed in a new hotel called “Spa Home” on the Lalu side of the lake. It is right on the waterfront, and the rooms have a large veranda overlooking the water (one veranda shared by two rooms). Tea is served on your veranda before you go to bed at night. The bedroom and bathroom both had large windows overlooking the lake. It was very peaceful, the service was excellent, and the food was pretty good too. We paid around NT$ 3000 for a double room (probably more in summer), and there is an optional spa treatment (ladies only, I believe) for an extra NT$ 1000. If we ever go back to Sun Moon Lake, we’ll stay there again. Friends of ours who visited were also very satisfied with their stay there.

Spa Home
No. 95 Jungshan Rd.
Sun Moon Lake
Tel: 49-2855166
Fax: 49-2855577
web site: