Sun Yat-sen Portraits

I posted earlier in the “Where can I find” forum, but maybe I’ll have better luck here.

Originally posted by Maoman:
I’m looking for one of those dusty old portraits with the ugly frames that you see hanging in school audioriums. Any idea where I can get one? And no, I’m not going to steal it from some school…

I suggest stealing one froom a school…

Failing that, try a frame shop. There are plenty around. They should be able to get their hands one one in time.

I can get one for you – complete with frame. But you’ll have to supply the dust yourself. Call me.

Or if you’d like, you can check the extensive list from the Zhong-Yang Wenwu Gongyingse, tel. 2363-6140. Without the frames, they’re quite cheap: 53 cm x 39 cm for NT$60. The 87.5 x 61.5 cm are NT$120 each.