Sunday 23 Nov: Concert to support the Wild Strawberries

There will be a concert on Sunday 23 November to support the aims of the Wild Strawberry civil rights vigil

Date: Sunday 23 November 2008
Time: 3 to 6 pm
Place: Liberty Square (west end of Taiwan Democracy/Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall square)
Nearest MRT station: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Varied program of Taiwanese, Chinese and Western folk and classical music.

:boo-hoo: :bow: :bow: :bow: :serenade:

Who are the Wild Strawberries? Cool name.

I believe they are a student group protesting the sell-out of Taiwan.
Do a search - they have been in the news lately.

There’s an article in today (Sunday)'s Taipei Times explaining the motivation for this open-air concert: Musicians unite for Strawberries

Well, that’s just about all the qualification needed to have an apology issued forthwith.
Send in The Hell’s Angels to crack some skulls!

will it be a jam session?

Did anyone here actually go to this concert? How was it? (I couldn’t go - working all weekend as usual :frowning: )

I didn’t set my alarm clock. The strawberry one.

Incense and Peppermints often cause that.

Are there any left? Last I heard they’d all pretty much gone home.