Sunday Morning Game: How Does It Feel?

I’ve never experienced it.

It’s OK. :neutral:

It’s not Oklahoma.
I want to know about sensation and emotion.

#@&&! horrible.

Wrong. I’ve been there. And not descriptive enough.


Now that’s just wrong. And one word answers won’t cut it.

continuous waves of regret sweep over me. at the peak of each one i backtrack, reliving the moment, hoping to get over the top, but each time i’m rightfully swept back into a morass of self-recrimination, and bashed into the gritty sand of my own poor decision making

Getting closer. But in style rather than substance.

Oh Christ, my f#cking head.
The mouth feels like the bottom of a parrot cage. About time I gave up the bottle. Where the f@ck are my trousers?
Jesus, how did I get them bruises?
I need an even keeler (note: a drink to put me on an even keel).
Ouch, ouch, broken glass on the floor. Don’t remember that.
Oh, this can still has an inch of beer in it. Wow, I must have been really pissed to have left a can unfinished. Glug, gulp… mmm, not too bad for warm, flat beer.
Ahhhh. Flashback of %^&^. God almighty God, you’re too old for that shit. ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Oh No, I’ve got that fucking 2-hour IELTS class at 10 a.m. Shit!!!
Where’s the f*cking panadol?

It feels great. I think, it was enough but it still leaves me wanting for more. Makes me feel guilty, although I am not new to it and yet a slight variation makes me squeal in delight. I really do love chocolate cakes…

It’s not about hangovers or chocolate cakes.

Last week I broke my string of many years without getting a hangover. It was a mild one, but I can no longer bear that level of pain. It’s just not worth it.

It feels like all your life there’s been big, jagged rocks flying through the air at high speeds, coming from every direction, out of nowhere, and just recently it’s getting harder and harder to avoid taking one in the head.

Or like badger fur, one or the other.