Sunday Night Pickup Basketball

I will be visiting Taiwan on Friday for a week and want to play some pick up basketball somewhere. I have read about under bridge courts and even one that Jeremy Lin played at (XinSheng?). I will be looking to play Sunday afternoon/night.

Can anyone help me with places that get good numbers showing up to hoop and addresses. I am hoping to find somewhere near the Taiepei Main HSR Station and also places in Nantou.


Here’s a link to the place that’s under the bridge:
That’s not my neighborhood so I’ve never played there, but I know that when it rains at the Adidas near 101 many players end up going over there since it’s covered. That’s probably your best bet for finding a pickup game that will be on rain or shine. Not too far from Taipei Main Station either.

Not sure about Nantou, but there should be a local school that has open court times. It’s a small place so once you get there you can ask around to find out exactly where.
Good luck!