Sunglasses for toddlers?

We are bringing our little girl to Taiwan for the first time - I wonder whether it makes sense for her to wear sunglasses? In Germany I wouldn’t have her wear any (it’s supposed to be not so ideal for the development of the eyes) but Taiwan has a lot more sun and she is not used to that.

What do you guys think - is it required, useful, unnecessary or even bad for her?

Edit: I forgot to mention: she’s 12 months old now.

I doubt your child will wear them regularly, but can’t hurt to bring a pair. When our girl was about a year old I bought her a pair, with elastic strap, half due to the sun and half due to the wind and dust when I took her cycling. She doesn’t wear them regularly, but next week we’re spending a few days down south at the beach and I’ll be sure to pack them. Much more useful in my mind is a good hat, which our girl (now six) has a few of that she wears regularly in the summer. But it can’t hurt to bring some shades, too, especially cuz your kid, like ours, will likely enjoy wearing them as a fashion accessory.

Btw, on an occasional basis, I can’t imagine they’d be harmful as lots of reputable companies sell them. Surely if they were hazardous they’d be facing lawsuits in the US.

A hat is more important!! Get a nice big hat with a broad rim, kids tend to get irritated by the sun glasses after a while. 12 months is too young but then it can’t hurt if it they are used sparingly!

If you plan on going to the rivers/play pools outdoors, I would suggest bringing a swimming hat with the coverup for the ears and neck. They are hard to find here. The sun is very strong here and I tried to get my kids to wear sunglasses when they were small but they didn’t like them much. A proper cover for your stroller to keep out sunshine and mosquitoes might be a good investment.

My Princess Brat has always hated wearing them, but always enjoyed playing with them at home. :aiyo: I’d suggest a hat like the others said. My daughter has almost always liked her hats. I’d be more worried about mosquitos which are a constant source of friction between my wife and I. Why does my daughter who has a mosquito net on her bed and a mosquito repellent electric thingy still have mosquito bites.

Because my wife often forgets to use either.

Thank to you all for all the good advice! So I’ll bring her hat collection (we use those in Germany too) and her glasses - and I won’t worry too much if she doesn’t want to wear the glasses. :sunglasses:

Great tip with the swimming hat - I’ll make sure to get her one of those as well.

The mosquito thing is new to me - never really noticed a big problem with them on all my previous (unaccompanied by toddlers) visits. Is it just that small children taste better, so they prefer to bite them rather than us? :wink:

Looks like I’ll better get a cover for the buggy to protect our (doubtlessly delicious) daughter.

Okami - sadly I think these electrical mosquito repellent things don’t work anyway:

Forgot to mention you might want a darker-colored stroller cover, as it is also a great deterrent when people are curious about your baby but you would like her to sleep or just take a break for a bit.

Our son and daughter have been wearing sunglasses as long as we can remember. It’s just a matter of getting them used to it. Just like getting used to wearing a hat, scarf and buckling up. As parents we cover up, and they will readily copy us. My 3-year old daughter asks for her sunglasses and hat whenever we go out. It helps if they are pretty, but make sure they are quality glasses, not cheapo ones that do not block out UV and only darken. These cheap ones are the harmful because they trick your pupil and actually more UV gets in.

JJ :thumbsup: