Sunshine School and morning jobs

I have been living in Taipei for a few months now and currently work 15 hrs a week at a cram school. I’m looking for a morning job to make some extra money. I recently spoke with Sunshine School on the phone and was wondering if anyone knew anything about them, good or bad. Has anyone had experience with this school? Are they honest and organized? Also, if anyone has any other ideas or tips about morning work, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

I worked for them for one year, my last year in Taiwan. I thought it was great. Of course, it all depends on the management, coworkers, and co-teacher, but I had a good group. Several times in the year we got nt$1,000 gift certificates, NO big Christmas show (but had a Christmas party in the hills near the National Palace Museum–with a huge bonfire), nice Chinese New Year banquet, etc. No problems with late or underpayment of salary.

However, I met some of the other foreign teachers at some of the other branches, and many seemed odd (go figure). As always, when you interview at a school, look at everything, not just the salary.

That was such a nice reply. Thank you. Actually, I spoke with the Mutzah branch and the woman on the phone sounded nice, if not a bit overwhelmed with things to do. Could I ask which branch you worked with?

I PM’d you.