SUP - Standup Paddleboarding

It’s been a very long time since rowing boats were for rent in Bitan, even the swan boats are now being electrified these days! The only rental rowing boats I know of still in the area are up in Wulai, Google Maps .

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I got my hopes up when I read “in the area.” Those hopes were dashed when I clicked on your map and saw that I had to take a cable car up a mountain in order to row in a small alpine lake.


The cable car can be fun, go during a discounted period. “Alpine” is rather generous!


I knew one of the families that had invested in SUP for Taiwan. They only had the inflatable boards. Not sure what happened to them as a bunch of things changed in the last 3 years (Covid and two of their kids moving to the US for school).

I do occasionally get SUP updates on FB. But haven’t seen any in the last few weeks. There’s a few groups in Kenting, Hualien, and Yilan. They seem to be associated with free diving groups. So maybe check the Taiwan Mermaids group on Facebook and ask from there.