Super Bowl, Feb. 14, 2022

I’ve watched the SB in Taipei the past several years, but wish to try a new locale in Kaoshiung. Any thoughts on where I can watch the game early Monday on 2/14? Thanks

I watched at Oxford last year and enjoyed it. I believe Lighthouse was open for it, too.

Great, Thanks for that Tianmu

I’ll piggy back this thread, I’m looking for a place I can watch the Super Bowl in Taipei. Any suggestions?

Brass Monkey Taipei used to show before. Not sure now. Check their webpage.

Maybe check the thread from last year has these and more, Parklife. Belly. On Tap. Carnegie’s. Tea Bar. Fat Yak.

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I saw a poster in On Tap the other day. They’ll be open (500NT minimum charge, which is not so hard to reach if you like beer like I do :beer:)

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I hope means they’ll do a special opening early Monday morning for live game and not a replay during regular business hours.

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You might consider just signing up for NFL GamePass. I have had it for a few years now and it’s great, all the games live, or on delay, 40-minute condensed games, NFL Network live any time, lots of extra programs, etc. I believe you can get it for just a few weeks for the big game or sign up for limited trials and cancel, etc., idk what all the options are but anyway it’s worth looking into depending on. your situation. I used to rely on streams, but they are generally undependable and can fail at critical times, if you care about relaxing and enjoying the game then Gamepass is probably worth it for you.

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I think so. I watched the SB a few years back there. Calling them would be the safest though.

I have been doing NFL and sports watching outside the house, but now starting to watch more at home, so maybe Gamepass is the way to go.

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Yeah you are giving up the social aspect of it unless you have friends come over … or, connect with overseas friends online while watching. But for convenience it is awesome, e.g. the AFC championship game started at 4am, I got up at 5:30, used the Watch from Start option, skipped all the commercials and caught up with the live broadcast by the end…

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Ahhh, that’s a good idea, except for time differences.

Yeah for the games that start at 2am that I watch on delay I put away my phone in case anyone is texting me spoilers or whatnot. But for the Super Bowl you’ll all be watching it live together so online works.

has gamepass quality improved? I stopped getting it about two years ago because the quality sucked. I want 4K/60p if I need to pay for it.

I couldn’t even tell you what the actual quality level is, seems pretty good to me and I haven’t noticed any change over the few years I’ve had it; but I mostly watch games on my 24" computer monitor, have not taken it to the big screen (tv).

It looks like they are selling a ‘Super Bowl Pass’ rn for $0.99. Can’t beat that with a stick.

No brainer to get that. Unless it comes with additional conditions like signing up for a subscription.

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GamePass is awesome. Picture quality is spot on on our huge screen at home. I think I paid about U$ 125.oo for the whole season. Any game @ any time @ any week. It’s a bargain of you’re an NFL fan like myself.
On another note, I watched last year’s game @ Hooters Taipei. Heaps of TVs all around. Had to make a reservation. Check their website for details.


Charlies Sports Bar. Maybe a sign up sheet.

When did you get it? A few years ago it was terrible. Only looked good on still shots. As soon as there was movement the quality fell apart. Even the highest bitrate setting was about half of what it really needed.

Maybe I’ll get the Super Bowl only deal and see if it’s improved.

Our idea of good PQ must be quite different. I signed up for the Super Bowl pass and started last week’s games up. Still terrible. WTF NFL! The torrents I download of games have better PQ.

At least I can watch the game live, but damn that’s terrible PQ for 2022.

Maybe some tickets left

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Been paying for GamePass for many years now. Always had excellent picture quality. I watch thru Chrome.