Super Bowl spots in Taipei

What places will be open for the game? Any idea on what they offering?

I heard the SHANNON is open for the game and cover is 300NT with some drink and food specials. Not sure if that is right though.

There must be a bunch of spots open for this anyone have any info?

Superbowl 2006
The Tavern Premier will open at 6am and serve our excellent buffet breakfast from 6:30am ($350 +10%)
Budweiser Beer NT$100/Bottle, Smirnoff Bloody Maries NT$120/Glass
Game kicks off at 7am…
Please visit our website for details

Is anyplace in Taichung open for the game? I didn’t get any responses when I tried starting a thread on this a couple of days ago.

The Londoner in Taichung will open at 6:30am.

Any other places in Taipei???

Tavern-Premier is fully booked.