Super budget trip to South Africa, for Taiwan expats

Ever wanted to visit Africa, but worried about your safety? I am leading a two-week trip to South Africa this August and/or September, with all daily costs covered for the price of a night on the town in Taipei.

This is a special trip for Taiwan expats. The cost, NT$1,500 a day for three good meals, accommodation of two people per room in comfortable hotels and guest houses, and between two and five hours of road travel, is especially for hard up English teachers paying off loans or saving up for return to the west. The flight is about the same as it is to the west coast of Canada - $30,000 to $35,000.

The budget cost is also made possible because for six of the 13 nights away, we stay at my sister’s large and comfortable house! This is in a really funky neighborhood of Johannesburg, Melville.

The trip covers four very different regions and attractions - the largest mountain range in sub Saharan Africa (Dragon Mountains), a major wildlife reserve (Umfolozi), the gorgeous beaches of Natal, on the warm Indian Ocean, and one of the world’s largest coastal estuaries - a place that has huge sand dunes right at the ocean’s edge (St Lucia).

The trip also covers four major cities - Johannesburg (3rd largest in Africa and by the far the most modern), the coastal playground of Durban, the capital of Pretoria and a lovely Victorian city, Pietermaritzburg.

I have spent over a month each year for the past four years in South Africa, and grew up there. I have done test drives of this trip and always without incident. Crime in South Africa has plummeted lately - you will be safe.

While in Johannesburg the trip makes daily trips to major attractions, with something for everyone - museums and live theatre for culture buffs, caves and hikes for the outdoor types, live music etc for the partylovers.

A detailed daily itinerary, photographs of the actual accommodations and photos of all the venues, websites with further details and pics, and a large map showing the route are all available. Please email me at for more info and to arrange a meeting.

The maximum number of people for the trip is eight - seven plus me. Accommodation is two per room, if single required then a small premium is needed. We will travel in a roomy Toyota Condor minivan.

I am a 45-year-old former South African, now Canadian, working in Taipei as an English teacher and editor. Call 0912-909-116