Super technocrap of the Future

[quote=“Jaboney”]Dr. TV. I prefer the wearable version.

…and then it can inform you that you have a doctor’s appointment for Aug. 27… :laughing:

Anyone else get jaded about the direction that the tech industry is taking?

It’s either gimmicky shit like this or we’re “revisiting” the dire failed crap of yesteryear. Either Marketing or technical development lies, endlessly. This is our economy.


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I’ve been jaded for about 20 years. None of this crap ever works properly. You’d think a conferencing application wouldn’t be particularly difficult to implement. We had a pretty reasonable system at a previous employer in the 1990s running over ISDN; you just switched it on and it worked. But Teams and its ilk seem to either fall over or don’t work at all 50% of the time. The 3D extensions etc are likely to increase the failure rate to 80%+, IMO.

Yeah teams is notoriously unreliable as is just sending text messages and connecting calls, and is not particularly intuitive hence the “can you hear me?” “you’re muted!” nonsense. The only thing more infuriating than the application itself is the boring twat on the other end that I’m forced to speak to every morning.

Someone else had the cheek to complain that they couldn’t hear me due to the background noise, while they were muted! Arghhhhh :cactus:

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Duno what this is, looks awful.

A scam?

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“Ask the community on Discord!”

The tagline of any untrustworthy organisation.

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You and me wrote in this thread almost ten years ago! That’s crazy.

Since then… video games became boring, my phone became a powerful supercomputer and we are tracked and badgered 24/7

Here’s ya f@cking future! Now, how would you like a new razor or some hair loss formula?

It looks cool to me. People pay big money for VR/AR homes, so why not virtual land.