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[ … 666#321666](Educate Thyself -CN.JPN.TWN.US.EU relationship in a nutshell

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Notify me when a reply is posted Taiwan may try to seek a status somewhat like that of French Canada – a kind of looser version of a Chinese Quebec under nominal central government control but maintaining separate institutions, laws, and customs. The mainland would be so relieved by this solution it would probably accept it, particularly if it could be achieved before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This Quebec-style “solution” would perhaps make sense if China was a nice democratic country like Canada. But China is a brutal police state, where arbitrary arrest and torture are common. I can’t imagine that most Taiwanese would willingly submit to this “one-country two-systems” solution as long as China remains such a despicable violator of human rights. If you’re looking for an article that sums up the situation nicely, I thought that this one from the Guardian (and printed in today’s Taipei Times) was quite good: … 2003247462 However, I could have done without the Taipei Times “editor’s notes”. cheers, DB[/quote]’>

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