Superglue, great for sealing cuts

If you work around sharp objects, or just everyday life, you’re liable to get cut by something sharp every now and then…

And at least in my case my feet seems to develop cracks at the heel, and it HURTS to walk.

And the annoying thing is, those sharp cuts or cracks in the skin won’t heal as long as they are open, and it’s hard for it to stay closed. Worse yet, if you use your hand to wash the dish, wash your hand after using the toilet (which you should, especially nowadays), having an open cut is bad for you.

So next time you get those sharp cuts or cracks where you can hold it closed with your fingers, get some thin superglue (the kind that flows into even the tiniest cracks), and while holding the cut or crack closed with your finger or whatever put a drop of superglue right into the cut. The cut is now glued shut and will not open up. And while the glue dissolves (takes a couple of days) the cut heals over and you won’t even notice it. Try it, it works.

They have medical version of these things if you don’t feel like using hardware store variety.

I have cracks in my foot and it really hurts to walk, and after gluing those cracks shut it doesn’t hurt anymore.

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We use it in sports for cuts to stay in the game.

Yea as long as you know their limitations (they’re really only good for clean cuts or cuts where you can close it manually), they are great. Do not use it if there’s infections or if it’s abrasions or whatever.

The Stevie Ray Vaughan method. Can’t be too healthy though.

The medical grade version is fine to use, was developed for the military. The stuff you find in your local supermarket made in some low cost factory I would not put near an open wound.

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I don’t know where to get medical grade stuff in Taiwan… so I use the hardware store stuff, hasn’t had any adverse effects.

Looks like this…