"Superior Genes"

My Taiwanese fiance and I were talking about having kids the other day (hopefully next year) when she said that mixed children will always look more Chinese than Caucasian due to ‘superior genes’. I thought about this and to be honest with you mixed kids do usully look Chinese (flat noses, wide faces etc).

The only exception to this rule is that girl who stars on ‘Smallville’. Would be nice to have a kid that looks like her but I’ll settle for Chinese-looking. I love all kids!

the smallville kind of look isn’t as rare as you think.

many of my mixed-friends don’t look ‘asian’. they look exotic, but not noticeably asian.

some do look mixed asian because of their eyes.

some look more asian as a child then not so after puberty.

I think she meant dominant genes, not superior.

Whenever people see my 3year old they say ‘oh look a foreign kid’, so I think it really depends.
Some kids look more Chinese, some more ‘foreign’, and some are slap bang in the middle. As to the exact proportion, it’s impossible to know without conducting a study.

Anyway, with the reference to “superior genes” I suspect Gomez is just a big fat ugly troll.

Spack, you’ve never heard Taiwanese say Westerners have more hair than Chinese because Chinese are more highly evolved? I’ve heard that for 20 years. Too many times, I’ve had to sit or stand next to Taiwanese talking about me and my sons “Oh look at all the hair. They’re so cute! Look just like little monkeys!” :unamused: Trolling? I doubt it. Just more observant.

Keanu Reeves has Chinese blood, not so?

Although a ham, one cannot fault his looks. Nor the model, what’s her name? The one who is half Portuguese.

David Bailey’s ex-wife, Marie Helvin, the first “supermodel” is half Japanese…

members.fortunecity.com/pictures … in_mj.html

[Moderator’s note: a bit grainy but maybe Not Safe For Work if you look closely]

blueface - of course I know all about how Chinese people consider themselves a superior race. Perhaps I’m misusing the word troll. I just mean that Gomez is throwing out the bait on a controversial topic for the sole purpose of getting us all frothing at the mouth and we’re swallowing it hook line and sinker.

Did Gomez fiance really say that? She was probably teasing or as Maoman said she may just have meant dominant as opposed to superior. Why does he want to have kids with a woman who believes that he is a member of an inferior race? It just seems odd to me.

Not everybody is native English speakers, and I find it excuseable to mix dominant and superior - so don’t hit so hard at gomez’ fiancee.

I am not sure, but I think I remember from Biology classes around 25 years ago that
Black hair genes are dominant to Blond hair genes
Brown eyes genes are dominant to Blue and Green eyes genes

-I think you will find that most mixed (Chinese/Taiwanese - White) kids have Brown eyes and Dark Blond or Black hair. That does not neccessarily mean that they look Chinese.
I know a couple of mixed kids, including my own, and none of them looks “Chinese” - Eurasian is a term I have heard, but “locals” on the street say Weiguoren (edit: I meant Meiguoren, not Weiguoren - and my kids hate it, becuase they are either 1. Taiwanese, or 2. North European).

If my missus had used the term “superior” genes on me, I would at the very least have blown a fuse.

My girls look well, like a mixture, with size etc caucasian. Most Taiwanese assume they are foreign. My wife has also been mistaken for a nanny once (and that was in Yangmei). I found it funny, she was quite incensed :laughing:

Hey, come on! Dominant and Superior are very closely related words. Please try to understand her meaning from the context, not the exact words she use.

Of course, I would say she is wrong in assuming mixed kids will look Chinese due to some dominant genes. The kids will probably not look Chinese, unless she thinks everyone with dark hair and black/brown eyes look Chinese.

Growing up and living in the US, I used to think that flat noses & wide faces was the Chinese/Asian look. But, after living here, I don’t know how anyone can hold on to that stereotype. Yes, there may be a large percentage of Asians with those features, but there are also a lot without. I have see Asians with long faces. I have seen Asians with what I’ve always heard described as a “Roman” nose (i.e., large and sharp).

And, as far as the eyes, which you didn’t mention… there are so many varieties of the “almond” shape Asian eyes – big and rounder, small and thin, etc… I used to think that all Asian eyes were the same. Then, as I made more Asian friends in the US, I started to think that Japanese had one basic shape, Koreans another, etc… However, spending all my time looking into Asian faces here (and staring into my bf’s eyes), I’ve seen many who, because of their eyes mostly, I would have categorized as being Japanese or Korean, not Chinese/Taiwanese.

Living in Taiwan has just confirmed to me what a professor of mine once said… “There is more variety within each [ethnic group] than there is between them.”

Perhaps the only reason you “notice” a lot of Asian-looking bi-ethnic kids is because you only truly notice the ones that look stereotypically Asian. The ones that have more caucasian features – i.e., hair color, eye color, etc. – you probably just assume (like everyone else) that they are waiguoren.

My biggest girl has a european face and nearly black hair.

My youngest girl has Chinese eyes, lighter hair than me and a european face.

You can see that their mother is Chinese, but they look “foreign” enough to be asked if they speak Mandarin. This question usually baffles my little one, but the big one takes it in her stride.

“Superior genes” (Does that include the gene for myopia?). It’s taught in Japanese and Korean schools that they are genetically superior to the rest of the world. If I heard that phrase from anyone local I know I would at the very least blow a fuse.

Mr. He,
I don’t think we disagree too much. I fact, the mix of my sons is simlar to your daughters; The oldest with “western face/features” and dark hair, the youngest with “more asian face/features”, but with dark blond, curly hair.

I am inclined to foregive people using the term “superior genes”, as long as my understanding is that they mean dominant for features like dark hair, eyes etc. Maybe I am not such a good listener, because I never got the impression that they (using superior/dominant genes) are suggesting that they/Chinese/Taiwanese “race” are superior to the “white race”.

The mother:

The father:

The offspring:

Ok. So who do you think has superior genes?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

is that cover for real? how come the picture looks kinda fuzzy?

hmmm 1991. still in high school. i’m not worthy. :laughing:

[quote=“Kenny McCormick”]is that cover for real? how come the picture looks kinda fuzzy?

hmmm 1991. still in high school. I’m not worthy. :laughing:[/quote]

For real. She was the first made-in-Taiwan, Taiwanese Playmate. She was also in the International issue in the US printed in March,1994 (the one with Shannon Doherty on the cover) The scan sucks because I used a friend’s suck-ass Acer scanner.

That answered my question. Both the boys look like the bum on the lower picture.

BTW, who is he?

[quote=“Mr He”]That answered my question. Both the boys look like the bum on the lower picture.

BTW, who is he?[/quote]

Bite me. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Shannon Doherty is HOTT!!! Is she mixed?

So is the girl is smallville…generally i think that mixed girls are better lookin, on average, than pure race chicks.