Superior local servicing?

I’ve looked at maybe a dozen bangers with a view to purchase recently. God knows I’m no expert, but I can check the CV boots, so I do.

From UK experience, though its checked on the annual MOT inspection, I’d bet money that at least half of them would have been split, and leaking, on cars of this vintage.

In Taiwan, where AFAIK they are never officially checked? Not one.

Not a huge sample but 4WIW it seems inconsistent with the stereotype.

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Leaking CV boot sprays smelly crap all over the engine bay, looks and smells like crap, reducing the potential sale price of the car. Typical FWD reconditioned axles can be had for a few hundred NT$ and with labor it come to a little over a thousand to swap two. Compare to prices in the UK and I think you have your answer.

Sorry, I don’t understand the topic. Can someone enlighten me please?

I don’t understand what you don’t understand, unless you are taking the piss, which would be perfectly understandable. :slight_smile:

Hmm…Not entirely convinced its that obvious to most (private) sellers or purchasers. (I’ve never bought a vehicle from a dealer.) On an outer boot failure the goo tends to stay in the wheel arch.

I think most UK sellers genuinely didn’t know WTF I was talking about when I commented on it.

Re relative pricing I’m sure you are right, but it does suggest there might be some areas where the local scene has the edge.